Smart Film – new life for your glass surface

Futuristic window glass that you can make non-transparent by controlling electric flow

What is Smart Film?

What if you could have some privacy just by pressing a button?

There is a versatile solution to our smart film. It can be used on partition screens, windows, doors, security and teller screens, and even as a screen with excellent HD projection. This is the beauty and flexibility of our product, architects and designers continue to find new, innovative usage for it.

Our smart film can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. As architects and designers explore smart boundaries and turn traditional perspectives upside down, it is expected that the market will continue to grow and new ways of using smart film will emerge. 

How does smart film work?

When the electrical current is applied, the film switches from opaque to transparent in less than 0.2 seconds. Smart film can be rendered opaque and back with different wall switches, remote controls, motion sensors, light sensors or timers, dimmer switch.

Why choose Smart Film?
  1. Easy Installation: 

Adhesive smart film can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.

  1. Privacy on Demand: 

You can turn the glass into opaque to protect your privacy. And turn into transparent to extended viewing space.

  1. Energy Efficient: 

Smart film absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn saving you energy.

  1. Interactive Projection: 

Switchable film can work as projection screen when the film is opaque. It can even work as interactive screen if integrate with touch frame system.

  1. Multi-purpose Usage: 

You can use it on any glass surface – in the home, the office or the shop front. Or anywhere else you can think of.

  1. Flexible: 

Smart film can be customized to nonstandard sizes and have uniform opacity when curved.

Properties and specs of Smart Film


• Simple ON/OFF mode – Privacy by pressing the button

• Blocks more than 99% of UV 

• Infrared protection 17% transparent and 81% opaque

• Operates between temperatures -20 to +60

• Can be used to display high-quality projections

• The current consumption is 5Wh/m2

• Dust free and dry installation

• 97% Transparent at an angle of up to 150 °

• The life of the product is more than 100000 hours (at least 12 years)

• Smart film can be controlled with: remote (via radio waves), Smart Home solutions (e. g. smart phone), wall switch, dimmer.

• Thickness: 0.61 mm

• Maximum width 1.8 m, height is unlimited

• Our installation warranty is 2 years


• Windows

• Spacing walls

• Triangular windows, circular windows and other special solutions

• Flashed glazing, convex glazing

• Other glazing 


• Special optical film (milky or dark gray)

• Installation by 3M specialists

• Power supply to control smart film transparency

• Wiring and other electrical works

• 2-year-warranty for product and installation


How much it costs?

The cost of our smart film square meter is around 300€ per square meter, all works included.

Each piece of our smart film is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer. Please inquire and indicate your estimated order quantity and unique needs and we will send you an estimate within one business day.

Minimal quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 5 square meters. 

Can I order my current window?

Our adhesive smart film can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes, you can do it by following our instructions, but without our installation warranty.

Where do you install Smart film?

We install in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania

I'd like to get a smart film for my home. What is next step?

Send us our request and we will answer!

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