Smart Film – new life for your glass surface

Futuristic window glass that you can make non-transparent by controlling electric flow

What is Smart Film?

What if you could have some privacy just by pressing a button?

There is a versatile solution to our smart film. It can be used on partition screens, windows, doors, security and teller screens, and even as a screen with excellent HD projection.

Our smart film can be used in both residential and commercial buildings.

How does smart film work?

When the electrical current is applied, the film switches from opaque to transparent in less than 0.2 seconds. Smart film can be rendered opaque and back with different wall switches, remote controls, motion sensors, light sensors or timers, dimmer switch.

Why You should choose Smart Film?

The advantages of smart film include:

  1. Complete privacy with one click, day or night.
  2. Can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.
  3. Lifespan of over 12 years.
  4. Functions as a safety film by holding glass shards together in case of breakage.
  5. Can be easily removed like a phone screen protector.
  6. Blocks UV and infrared radiation, protecting furniture from fading.
  7. Does not attract dust and repels it with its static charge.
  8. Provides even natural light to the room.
  9. Can be installed on sliding doors and open glass surfaces.
  10. Creates a minimalist interior and increases available space.
  11. Helps maintain room temperature and save on heating and cooling costs.
  12. Can be used as a whiteboard to take notes or make drawings with a marker.
Smart film technical data

Smart film, also known as switchable film or privacy film, is a type of film that can switch between opaque and transparent states in response to an electrical signal. Here are some technical data and features of smart film:

Composition: Smart film is typically composed of two layers of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film, with a liquid crystal layer in between.

Transparency: Smart film can switch between transparent and opaque states.
Power consumption: Smart film consumes only 4-5Wh per square meter when in the transparent state. Installation: Smart film requires a one-time, dry and dust-free installation.
Lifespan: Smart film can typically withstand up to 12 years of continuous use, but the product and installation warranty is 2 years after installation. We also offer post-warranty maintenance if needed, to extend the life of smart film.
Environmental factors: Smart film is designed to withstand a range of environmental factors, including temperature fluctuations, humidity, and exposure to sunlight.

Optical Properties:

  • Transparency: 82-92% in transparent state, 5-10% in opaque state
  • Haze: 3% (+-1%)
  • Viewing Angle: 150°
  • UV Blocking: 98%
  • Operating Voltage: 48-60V AC
  • Current Consumption: 0.1-0.3 A/m2
  • Switching Time: ~0.2 seconds
  • Thickness: ~0.6 mm
  • Maximum Width: 1820 mm. For wider windows, the film can be installed in two parts.
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Switchable between opaque and transparent states
  • Provides instant privacy and security
  • Blocks 99% UV rays and reduces heat gain
  • Can be integrated with automation systems for added control


How much it costs?

The cost of our smart film is around 230€, without installation works. We can send smart film to you in given sizes, around the world.

Each piece of our smart film is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer. Please inquire and indicate your estimated order quantity and unique needs and we will send you an estimate within one business day.

Is it safe to use at home or in office?

Smart film will be installed in such a way that it is safe for everyday use and does not pose a danger to anyone. We use the best film installation specialists and certified electricians in our work. Power supply unit for smart film is always installed in an environment where running water will not come into contact with it. The location of the power supply unit is also coordinated with the customer, and after installation, the customer is responsible for ensuring that no water gets there. Busbar (one edge that conducts the low-current 65V AC) is isolated from the environment so that there is no way to access it. If necessary, edge varnish, neutral silicone or 3M edge tape that does not conduct current, is added to the edges of Smart film.

The top layer of the smart film is anti-scratch protection layer that protects against minor scratches and clawing. With sharp objects or rough sponges, it is still possible to damage the smart film and thus create scratches on the smart film that are impossible to remove or polish. As long as the damage/scratch does not penetrate the smart film from one edge to the other, the smart film itself continues to function normally. However, in such a situation, we recommend thinking about a smart replacement. Home insurance might compensate for damages. From our side, we are ready to assist in the preparation of the defect report and will submit a new price quote for the replacement of the damaged smart film based on the usual price list.

What is MOQ?

Our minimum order quantity is 5 square meters. 

How to clean or maintenance smart film?

Never attempt to clean with a wet cloth and bucket or other window cleaning technique which drenches the surface of the glass or film. This will cause irreparable damage to the product and will invalidate the warranty! Smart Film must be cleaned with soft wipes, using only pH-neutral cleaning products.

Once the Smart Film has been installed, contractor should make provisions to ensure that the films are protected from possible damage caused by the construction practices of other trades. Special care must be taken during the initial cleaning, cleaning during the construction period, or when film surfaces are severely soiled, in order to prevent marking or damage caused by abrasive contaminants.

In the event that the film surfaces become heavily contaminated with abrasive particles, the surface of the film should initially be blown with a low pressure compressed air or electrical blower to remove as much of the contaminant as possible.

Any remaining surface contamination should be removed by gently flicking the surface of the film with a soft bristled cleaning/dusting brush.

Caution must be taken to ensure that any remaining abrasive materials do not become trapped and dragged across the film surface and the brush; otherwise the surfaces may be scratched. Please note that the plastic surface of the film can be marked or scratched if the care and cleaning instructions are not followed.

Annual checks: We recommend that the client checks that all wiring is in good condition, framing materials are free of any damage and that the transformer and switch are in good visible order. The areas adjoining the Smart Film including walls, ceilings and floors should be checked for structural integrity, excess humidity and temperature. Should any of these items appear unusual, the client should immediately notify the original contractor.

Can I order installation to my existing window?

Our adhesive smart film can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes, you can do it by following our instructions.

Where do you install Smart film?

We install in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania

I'd like to get a smart film for my home. What is next step?

Send us price request, we will answer in one business day.

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